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Leading Is Tough Right Now. But You’ve Got This.

Leading Is Tough Right Now. But You’ve Got This.

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Utilize Your Self-Reflection

Utilize Your Self-Reflection

Self-reflection is even more critical during a crisis. Even in easy times, we have a tendency to want to move quickly, lest all of our decisions and responsibilities start to pile up.

In a crisis, this tendency gets much worse. But this confuses activity with productivity. It is far better to do less, but to be intentional and strategic about how those things are done—especially when time is tight and the stakes are high.


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Enhance Your Communication

No matter where you sit in an organization, the key to leading others is influence. And the key to influence is showing people that you understand them: their perspective, their experiences, and at a bare minimum, even just their names.

If you can truly relate to others and see where they are coming from, you can have an enormous impact.


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Relate And Communicate

Any communication should be honest and empathetic.

If the employees are insecure about their jobs, don’t promise people that there will never, ever be layoffs, or that their job is theirs for life. These promises are nearly impossible for most organizations to keep. Instead, be transparent about what would happen if layoffs did occur, and ensure your team that you will do everything in your power to treat them as you would like to be treated. (And then follow through on it.)


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