Trolls intentionally make spelling and grammer mistakes and wait for someone to insult their writing to lock them into an argument. Trolls:

  • Push boundaries
  • Unlock situations
  • Create new scenarios
  • Try ideas out
  • Calculate the best way to provoke a reaction.

Trollers themselves see trolling as a culture, a way of thinking - part act, part science. It's a problem that has existed since the birth of the Internet.


The Dark Net

The Dark Net

by Jamie Bartlett

Flamers insult and create tension for fun. Posts are usually well written, clever, biting and subtle. Commandment 12 of Flaming:

  • When in doubt, insult.

Flamers want to push boundaries and have their efforts read and appraised.


John Suler, 2001 - The Disinhibition Effect

  • We don't know or see the people we are communicating with.
  • They don't know or see us.
  • Communication is instant without rules or accountability.
  • Takes place in what feels like an alternative reality.

Communicating online removes visual cues (i.e. facial expressions), and makes conversations abstract and anchorless.

Side note: Personality traits are accentuated online - people are less constraint by real life social norms and societal expectations.


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