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Tim and Andrew discuss how networks effects are the foundation of many successful tech companies and how to pick the right metrics for your startups.

#550: Andrew Chen — Metaverse, Metrics, and Meerkats

#550: Andrew Chen — Metaverse, Metrics, and Meerkats

The Tim Ferriss Show


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Andrew Chen Early Inspirations

My Life in Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins was an early inspiration for Andrew. It Emphasized direct marketing at a time when advertising was very brand-driven.

Claude Hopkins invented coupons leveraging an interesting strategy:

Gave coupons to newspapers to...

Writing & Silicon Valley’s Foundation: Network Effects

Andrew did daily journaling, wanted to find ‘the secret of Silicon Valley’ – what made this machine work? His biggest finding = “Network Effects

You need users to make a product work, network effects are the results of positively connecting people through technology which ...


Twitch started as ‘JustinTV’ named after the founder, Justin Kan. Every day he would live to stream his life. Expanded to allow anybody to stream but the ‘everyday life’ content wasn’t gaining traction.

Pivoted towards gaming and a creator-supported model rather than a viewership model. Inc...


Twitch solves the original sin of the internet, which is having an advertising-based system…We decided to go with banner ads overpaying each other online

Games and the Metaverse

Many games (like Axie Infinity) are a natural way to ease casual people into crypto.

Roblox is an example of what the next generation of social networks could look like. Multiplayer and deep network effects embedded in the VR/AR metaverse experience. 

You work, organize, and gather in...

-- What types of questions does Andrew ask to understand a founder’s growth mindset?

  • What happens when you internet search for something?
  • How would you 10x a current startup?

-- What are the right metrics to use?

Understand what people actually use your produc...

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