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Creating Space For The New

Anyone wanting to start something new, like creating art, authoring a book, volunteering, or building their brand faces the problem of time constraints, unable to accommodate any space in the already busy and overloaded life.

We need to create a structure for all the existing stuff in our lives and then carve out space for the new.



Our existing responsibilities can be overwhelming, the neverending tasks at home and work. This burdens the mind more once it is overdue and we are feeling behind. Creating structure and allotting certain time and days helps us deal with the workload.

We can allot different days for paying our bills, doing grocery shopping, doing administrative work, answering emails, and even allot time for self-care and playtime.


Once we have all our workload listed and scheduled, we can observe the list and our working style to eliminate, join, delegate or simplify certain tasks:

  1. Get out of useless commitments.
  2. Say No to people who ask for obligations and favours that take our time and energy.
  3. Postpone the work that is unnecessary but cannot be avoided.
  4. Cut out all the distractions, like social media and mindless news reading.

Doing so creates space in our lives and o


Once we create structure and start to allow meaningful work to happen, we need to maintain it so that it is not hijacked by seemingly urgent tasks that keep cropping up. One way is to create focus blocks, certain times in the day that are completely allotted to a specific meaningful task, and it is non-negotiable.

When disruptions happen, and they will remember to not get angry, let it go, breathe deeply a few times, and return to the meaningful task with complete focus.



Focusing is hard when we are already drained and not having the bandwidth to face anything. We need to recharge our batteries, giving ourselves nourishment and nurturing.

A hot bath, a good sleep, 30 minutes of walking in nature, or a Yoga session can help us get back to work with full life force.


Work is stressful because we don’t want to do it, but have to do it.

We won’t feel so drained and discouraged with our job if we could light up our dull routines with joy, freedom and vitality. It is something that needs to be explored, as everyone cannot leave their jobs and rush to do what they love to do, right away.


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