Why we desire self-improvement

We are all drawn to the possibility of becoming our "best self" and work towards confidence and a great career.

Bestselling self-improvement books add credibility to this idea because they are often authored by highly successful people who assure us that we can also find the same success.

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Self Improvement

With self-improvement content, you can easily think improving yourself means changing into a new and different you.

While desiring to improve is valuable, it is very different from believing you have to become someone you're not to get what you want.

  • You feel unworthy because you don't think you're doing enough to improve yourself. Self-improvement should help you to recognise your strengths and work on your weaknesses.
  • Unrealistic expectations.
  • Unproven claims. There is no scientific method that can test the claims of self-improvement literature.
  • Impatience with the amount of information and the supposed improvements you need.
  • An oversaturated market of self-help literature. Not everything is beneficial.

Each person has a unique personality and strengths that can help them achieve their goals. You are then the best person to formulate a plan for self-improvement.

To get started:

  • Write down three goals you have for the next year.
  • For each goal, describe what that goal requires.
  • Get an opinion from someone you trust about your goal descriptions and how you can improve it.
  • Break down your goals into small steps.
  • Write down deadlines for each step.

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