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Research Proves Your Brain Needs Breaks

Research Proves Your Brain Needs Breaks

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Taking short breaks between meetings

In a controlled experiment, researchers found that taking regular breaks between meetings reduced overall stress compared to having them back-to-back. This is because breaks allow the brain to “reset”, reducing the cumulative buildup of stress.


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Stress decreases focus and engagement

Researchers noticed that taking breaks between meetings correlates to higher engagement from attendees. This is in contrast to not taking brakes, which, by adding up on the total level of stress, makes participants less engaged, suggesting that stress makes it harder to stay focused.


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Jumping between meetings without breaks causes stress

The short transition period between back-to-back meetings causes a spike of stress that adds up to the cumulative stress of the meetings themselves, thus encouraging the practice of opting for a break.


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How to make breaks successful and beat meeting fatigue

  • Shift your mindset: powering through meetings is not as productive as it seems. Take a break in-between.
  • Find break activities to calm your mind: meditation or physical activity such as walking are beneficial. Take your mind away from work-related things.
  • Consider other modes of communication: some information may benefit most from emails, or chat.
  • Make meetings more intentional: create an agenda beforehand, carefully pick attendees, stick to the schedule, and go through a recap at the end.
  • Keep participants engaged and energized.


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