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3 Things Pilots Know About Crisis Management

3 Things Pilots Know About Crisis Management

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Pilots and checklists

There are at least a few things pilots know when it comes to crisis management. Among these, having a checklist is a very important tool for when situations get challenging.


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Showing confidence

Pilots have the possibility to gain a great deal of experience from all the checklists and tests they go through throughout their training years and they can, therefore, handle difficult situations in real life while showing self-confidence. 

Just like them, managers should feel and show self-confidence whenever they know how to deal with challenging situations, in order to reassure their team. However, one should always keep in mind that confidence should be used only as a synonym for ability.


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Controlling of the unpredictable

Controlling of the unpredictable

In order to be prepared for the unpredictable, pilots make trials over and over again, while imagining all kinds of possible scenarios. 

This way, they are always ready to face unpleasant surprises. Just like them, managers should take into account as many negative scenarios as possible and be ready to take action whenever required.


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