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3D Printing Definition

3D Printing Definition


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3D Printing Definition

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3D Printing

Three-dimensional (3D) printing is an additive manufacturing process where a physical object is created from a digital design by printing thin layers of material and then fusing them together.


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At the moment, 3D printing is still too slow to be used for mass production but the technology for it is being developed and evolved.

The downside to this is that it has the potential to massively disrupt both the industries for manufacturing logistics and inventory management.


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  • Medicine - used to customize implants and possibly organs and body parts in the future
  • Fashion - used to create prototypes of footwear
  • Construction - used to print materials needed to build homes in less than 48 hours for a fraction of the price and are stronger than regular cinder blocks
  • Car and aircraft - used to transform unibody and fuselage design and production and powertrain design and production.


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3D Printing for Hearing Aids

3D Printing techonology has made it possible for hearing aid manufacturers to make custom made hearing aids and help accelerate the process of making them then fine-tuning the materials, ear shapes, and print the entire hearing aid.


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