1. Consider How Your Favour Impacts Them

When asking for a favour you are putting someone out of their way. Remember that asking for a favour is like selling someone a pitch to buy.

You must be empathetic and seek to add value to them too. Here's why: 

1. You can talk on their terms and what they can do. This way it becomes more relational. 

2. As you listen to the other person you can adapt what you are asking for to better suit them.  


The Right Way to Ask for a Favor and Get What You Want


If you believe you are putting them out of their way too much, then do not ask it. This means you do not believe you will get what you want. 

Mentality matters and people realise this when you are asking for something. If you ask thinking it is too much, then the person will assume the same also. 

You must ask having a good feeling that the favour will be done for you. 


3. Don't lie

A lot of people believe that have to butter the other person up in kind words that you do not believe are true about the person. 

The reality is, the person will know what you are doing and be less inclined to believe you. So, to ask a favour you must be honest. 

The person will only help when they can fully trust everything you are saying. That way, they feel encouraged to support you. 


4. Hold on to Your Power

When you go in begging for a favour it is unattractive and people are less inclined to help. You must act as though the favour is essential, but not necessary for them to help. 

In doing so, you keep some of your power and are more likely to achieve what you want. 

Remember, to not sound needy and instead present yourself as someone who is confident. 



Don't start asking for a favour with vague statements like, are you around this weekend? Or "Can you get me a job?"

Instead, you must be extremely specific about what you want. This provides a scope for the person and makes them more likely to do it. Ask this instead: 

"Are you free on Saturday afternoon? I need to pick up a couch from ABC Store and I was wondering if you could drive me over in your pickup to get it.”


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