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50 Positive Affirmations For Men That They Should Practice Every Day

50 Positive Affirmations For Men That They Should Practice Every Day

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What are positive affirmations?

What are positive affirmations?

A positive affirmation is a statement about yourself that is phrased in the positive, present tense.

In addition they should be specific and personal.


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Why should men have positive affirmations?

Many men find it hard to talk about or even process their feelings.

This is one of the main reasons we lose more men to suicide than women.

Daily affirmations for men can be a massive help in cultivating emotional intelligence and resilience.


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When should I practice positive affirmations?

"Repetitio mater studiorum" - repeat the affirmations every day!

The best times to practice are first thing in the morning and last thing at night (or whenever you feel that you need to repeat them to start feeling better).

During these times, your mind is more open and will absorb the statements on a deeper level. 

It is best if you say them out loud while looking in the mirror.


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Examples of positive affirmations

Examples of positive affirmations

“I feel confident in every situation.”

“I like who I am.”

“I meet each new challenge with enthusiasm.”

“I radiate joy to everyone I meet.”

"Nobody dictates how I feel; only I have that privilege.”

“I fuel my body and mind with healthy food, exercise, and meditation.”

“I love my life, and I am grateful for everything I have.”

"I deserve success.”

 “I have great ideas.”


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