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How Social Media Impacts Your Mental Health

How Social Media Impacts Your Mental Health


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Social media

In recent years there has been a significant increase in social media use. 

Because social media use is still relatively new, there are no long-term studies documenting the effects of social media, but several recent studies indicate that social media impacts mental health in a number of wa...

Social media supports connections

Aside from the fact that social media allows people to reconnect with family and friends that live far away or that they have lost touch with, it also has become a vital communication tool during the pandemic.

In fact, people have used social media to share information and connect with peop...

Social media makes people feel good

Additionally, social media has tendancy to reinforce use and people quickly become hooked on checking their statuses for comments and likes as well as perusing other people's posts.

This dopamine release, in turn, keeps people coming back because they want to repeat those feel-good experien...

Social media boosts self-esteem

Social media also can boost self-esteem,especially if a person is viewed favorably online or gets a number of likes or interactions on their content.

Likewise, through social media some people are able to share parts of their identity that may be challenging to communicate in person.


Reasearchers are discovering that there are some downsides to social media, particularly with regard to mental health.

  • Social media use may contribute to depression
  • Social media may hurt your self-esteem
  • The fear of missing out
  • Social media can ...

Social media use may contribute to depression

In fact, for a technology that's supposed to bring people closer together, it can have the opposite effect especially when disagreements erupt online.

Social media has been linked to depression, anxiety, and loneliness. It can even make people feel more isolated and alone.

Social media may hurt your self-esteem

Social media can cause you to experience feelings of inadequacy. about your life and your appearance. 

Even if you know that the images you see online are manipulated or represent someone else's highlight reel, they can still cause feelings of insecurity, envy, and dissatisfaction.

The fear of missing out

Another mental health phenomenon associated with social media is what is known as FOMO, or the "fear of missing out." 

Consequently, social media sites like Facebook and Instagram seem to exacerbate the fear that you're missing something or that other people are living a better life than yo...

Social media can lead to self-absorption

Social media use also can cause people to become self-absorbed. sharing endless selfies as well as your innermost thoughts on social media can create an unhealthy self-centeredness that causes you to focus on crafting your online image rather than making memories with your friends and family memb...

Impulse control issues

Excissive social media use can lead to impulse control issues, especially if you access your social networks using a smartphone. 

This means that you have round-the-clock access to your accounts which not only makes it easy for you always to be connected, but it also can affect your concent...

Social media may be used as an unhealthy coping mechanism

Another major impact that social media has on your mental health is that it can become an unhealthy way of coping with uncomfortable feelings or emotions.

For instance, if you turn to social media when you're feeling down, lonely, or bored, you're potentially using social media as a way to ...

Social media distracts you

If you find that your social meida use is impacting your relationships or is distracting you from work or school, it may be problematic. Additionally, if scrolling through social media leaves you feeling envious, depressed, anxious, or angry, then you need to re-evaluate your use.

It could ...

You use social media to use negative emotions

  • You have symptoms of anxiety, depression, and loneliness are increasing.
  • You are spending more time on social media than with your real-world friends and family members.
  • You tend to compare yourself unfavorably with others on social media or you find that are your frequently ...

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