Swiping For Friends: Why Managing Others' Dating Apps Is So Damn Fun! - Deepstash
Friend Swiping

Friend Swiping, or using or managing your friends’ dating profile for prospects, is a fun activity for many young people around the world, hooked in the foggy world of online dating.

Swiping for friends has an appeal that exceeds the fun of managing one’s own profile.



Many young, single people are curious about dating apps but don’t want to display their own moniker to others, afraid of appearing desperate and uncool.

They quell their Dating App FOMO (fear of missing out) and general fascination about online match-making by grabbing their friend's phone and checking out profiles, curious to know more about the kind of people who are attracted to each other.


Many apps like Tinder are designed and positioned as a game, while not being called so. People who are out of the game seem to quench their thirst about it by looking at how others play it and playing it for them too.

Many dating app users have ‘dating app fatigue’ or ‘swiping fatigue’ and are more than happy to hand the reins over to their trusted friends, who enjoy the proxy match-making.


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