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Can online dating burnout be stopped?

Can online dating burnout be stopped?


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Can online dating burnout be stopped?

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Burnout From Dating Apps

Online dating can be a depressing grind that leaves many singles feeling burnt out.

Dating app burnout refers to exhaustion that comes from prolonged dating app use.

A few basic signs of this fatigue are when a user associates negative feelings with approaching dating apps, when the act of using the app and the ensuing dating process exhausts them, and when it feels like a second job.


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The Online Grind

  • Repeated negative treatment online can contribute to people's feeling of negativity and burnout
  • Not all dating apps are there to find a date
  • Limit yourself to connecting with two to three matches at a time, to focus on quality over quantity
  • A dating pause is exactly what they need
  • Find group-based activities to engage in to meet people with shared interests, but that doesn't always pan out


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Non-Binary Genders

Traditional beauty standards can strongly influence how potential partners treat Non-binary dates.

Dating a non-binary person while identifying with a gender binary might 'challenge that person's understanding of their own sexual orientation'.

Most dating apps were created with gender binary in mind, so even though users specify that they don’t align with either of those genders, their profiles are served up to other users as if they do, since on most apps, users can specify they’d like to see men’s profiles, women's profiles, or both.


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Be Mature And Empathic

When discussing sex, it’s helpful to ask things like whether there are certain words that a dating partner does or doesn't like to use to describe various body parts.

Don’t make this about your journey around non-binary people. Consider their wants and needs, and treat them like people.


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The design of dating apps can also create frustrations for burnt-out users. 

Certain paywall features are important but many users don't want to shell out money for the same.

It’s also tricky to navigate multiple dating apps at once, but many use more than one because they feel it improves their chances of finding a match. Hopping between different interfaces can cause problems.


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