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Caught in the Study Web - Cybernaut

Caught in the Study Web - Cybernaut


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Caught in the Study Web - Cybernaut

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The Study Web

The Study web is a gigantic, interconnected super-network of study-oriented content with a community of students of all ages, countries, all types of ethnicity, and all kinds of discipline.

On the study web, students can watch each other study, becoming study buddies on communities like Discord, Tiktok, Youtube and Reddit. It is the go-to place for their study resources and tips, along with social and moral support.


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Discord, a hangout place that started as a gaming community, is a place to talk and chat. It has many servers which are study homes populated with thousands of Gen Z/millennials and is the virtual workplace and students club we don’t hear about.

Students throng study networks like Study Together to feel less lonely, reduce their anxiety and be inspired by others like them studying alongside, virtually.


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The study network of Discord works due to a three-pronged approach:

  1. Gamification of studying, where people get virtual rewards for studying more.
  2. Peer Pressure, where they are held accountable due to others in the group keeping a tab.
  3. Data analytics of their study graph in the form of a monthly leaderboard, helping them build their streak and climb upwards.


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The decade-old style of monotonous, one-sided tutoring videos on Youtube is skipped by students, who opt for fresh new creators with their own style and interactivity, giving rise to influencers and creators in the Study Web.

  • Creators talk about how to study, what music to listen to, what to eat, how to review, memorize, recall, summarize and file the study material. 
  • Youtube has endless content on the Study genre(like the Study With Me videos), from creating a study schedule to tips on focusing and getting good grades.


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To study, many students opt for 'Lo-fi’(low fidelity) music, which is warm, underproduced, homemade and calming, demanding little cognitive attention from the brain.

Youtube. Spotify and Apple Music are filled with Lo-Fi music playlists and paired with the right headphones, this kind of sound is great for highly productive study sessions.


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The Study Web is highly pronounced on Twitter, where hashtags like #Studytwit or #Studytwt are used by students and professionals to seek out study partners or to share tips. 

It offers an open discussion to thousands, giving inspiration, focus and solidarity.


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  • One can watch 15-second study videos on TikTok under the hashtag #StudyTok(680 million views) where stuff like note-taking strategies, productivity app suggestions, and other tips are quickly shared by creators.
  • The content is inspiring, amateur and fun, where students are encouraged to do more in less time.
  • The recommended music playlists, apps, extensions and tips are quickly shared in the Study community and adopted.
  • The message reinforced in TikTok is that we don’t have to be a genius or have inborn talent to get good grades.


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  • Study Web connects students who sometimes vent their problems as they face the same kind of economic, cultural or emotional hurdles. 
  • Many students are frustrated due to teenage angst, or an identity crisis fueled by a broken home.
  • The Study Web is filled with youngsters who have their own personal therapy sessions with strangers who are now their online kin. 
  • They pour out their depressive tendencies, sadness and stress-induced anxiety on the chatrooms of Discord, which are now what IRL(internet relay chat) chatrooms were a couple of decades ago.


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