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How to know who’s trustworthy | Psyche Guides

How to know who’s trustworthy | Psyche Guides


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How to know who’s trustworthy | Psyche Guides

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Questions to know how dependable is someone

  • Do they get excited when I make intellectual progress, or only when they influence my views?
  • Are they fearful about sharing their ideas? Are they over-eager for others to approve of their ideas?
  • Are they willing and able to clarify their meaning if I ask them to? 
  • Do they demonstrate an appreciation of my unique perspective, needs and abilities?
  • Do they show patience in trying to understand the complexities of my predicament, or are they in a hurry to identify a solution?


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Who can we trust for guidance

We often turn to intellectually dependable people... to guide us through our blind spots. It's about considering the facts in light of our values & objectives... think things through together to figure out what we should do with the facts in our particular situation.

People's emotions, thoughts & actions show whether they are dependable or not.

Signs to look out for:

  • Intellectual benevolence.
  • Intellectual transparency.
  • Communicative clarity.
  • Audience sensitivity.
  • Intellectual guidance.


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1. Intellectual benevolence - Prefer to guide or influence?

✅ Intelly benevolent: Help us get to the truth, gain knowledge, deepen our undertanding, develop our skill. They have mature views about our progress and take pleasure in our growth.

❌Social vigilantes: They don’t care that other people have correct views; they care that other people share their views.

❔ How to know: Pay attention to what they get excited about - by your intellectual progress in general, or only when they succeed in influencing your thinking?


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2. Intellectual transparency - Transparent, vain, or reluctant

✅Transparent: Skilled at recognising they’re sometimes in a position to strengthen our perspective by sharing their own.

❌Vain: Pretend to know things they don’t, or to have stronger evidence than they do.

❌Timid: Even when they could help, they keep their thoughts to themselves because they don't trust their knowledge & fear exposing their ignorance. 

❔ How to know: They might lack transparency if fearful of how their ideas will be perceived, or over-eager to please you or others.


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3. Communicative clarity - want to make the meaning clear

✅Clear communicators: Easy to follow with clear main points, what's merely incidental, explain how their views might be confused with other contrasting ones. Prioritize our understanding the core meaning.

❌Profundity-colored glasses: They misidentify gibberish as containing profound meaning. Dress up their empty ideas with seductive trappings leading their followers into confusion.

❔How to know: Avoid those who shy away from putting their meaning clearly or insist it’s you who has the problem.


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4. Audience sensitivity - appreciate unique perspective

✅Virtuously sensitive: Pay attention to our particular views, experiences, abilities, & tendencies. Fit their communications to our predicament & help us advance

❌Insensitive: Obsess more over their own features or too selective in their attention. Have a distorted view of listeners as they look for others’ weaknesses to see themselves as superior.

❔How to know: Do they show an understanding of our point of view, intellectual needs, abilities.. & communicate in a way personal to who we are?


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5. Intellectual guidance - help navigate & make choices

✅ Guide: Respect people's judgement in making choices, but are also skilled in helping us navigate the risks & benefits while learning & reaching the conclusion.

❌Seize & freeze: They seize quickly on any information with promise of resolution. Once chosen, they freeze on that ignoring any contradictory information. They’re likely to offer unwise advice that oversimplifies the issue.

❔How to know: Are they patient to understand the complexities or eager to 'fix it'?


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