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The Psychological Benefits of Commuting to Work

The Psychological Benefits of Commuting to Work

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Why is commute important?

  • Being in the work mindset without physically present in the workspace is a challenge that is seen commonly among remote employees. 
  • Boundary theory by Jerry Useem gives an explanation for this phenomenon. 
  • As per boundary theory individuals who wish to shift from home to work mindsets or vice versa, they have to create boundaries that define such spaces. Even within the confines of a home. 
  • Once they cross this boundary, they should be entering a space that is scared to either work/home alone.


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Authentic Self v. Work Self

  • While in a pre-covid situation, actual commute acted as this boundary, it is no more an option for many.
  • Working professionals have struggled to toggle between their authentic self and work self without the presence of real and physical boundaries. 
  • Hence creating virtual boundaries and dedicated spaces for work become a priority


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Enclothed Cognition

  • In relation to boundary theory, author introduces the idea of enclothed congition which goes to establish a postiive link between our levels of efficiency and what we wear. 
  • In Atomic Habits, James Clear has established how external environment will act as cues to create habits. 
  • The idea of enclothed congition extends that logic to the nature of the attire as well. If one is wearing formal attire, the behaviour is more likely to be suited to a formal situation than otherwise. 


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