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Don’t Follow Your Gut (and What to Do Instead)

Don’t Follow Your Gut (and What to Do Instead)

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Why "go with your gut" sucks 🤯

Why "go with your gut" sucks 🤯

  • Our gut often or being precise our sub-conscious mind directs always directs us to the more comforting solution
  • But these comfortable decisions are often very dangerous for us 
  • So how to avoid it then?? 😮


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Design your behaviour according to  your goal

Design your behaviour according to your goal

  • Instead, plan your goals and then design behaviours in accordance with those goals
  • If some behaviours go against your instincts, deliberately go further than feels intuitive to you to accomplish your goals.


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See the problem with a third-person perspective

See the problem with a third-person perspective

  • When we go with our gut we often choose our go-to behaviour as the solution to the problems that we are analyzing 
  • For example, if we are extremely optimistic then we overestimate our skills 
  • Whereas when we are really pessimistic we tend to stick just to our weaknesses and we ignore all the points that are in our favour 


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  • So to conclude when you are thinking about some important mission to be taken 
  • Never go with your gut take your time trying to analyze the pros and cons with a third-person perspective
  • And etch out the desired outcome as your first step and then think backwards the fastest and most efficient way of reaching that target 


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