Today’s smartwatches and health trackers that measure steps, heartbeat, skin temperature and oxygen levels in the body are a USD 80 billion industry.

  • These new technologies claim to help us monitor and improve our physical, mental and emotional health, making us aware of our sleep quality, physical activity and even stress.
  • Digital logging of our body’s emotional health is similar to a mood journal, that helps us identify triggers and patterns.



Do Mindfulness and Health Trackers Mix? Deepak Chopra and Fitbit CEO James Park on Managing Stress With Data

Constantly monitoring the body’s various biometrics can make us feel great, but also increase our anxiety levels, as they provide real-time data and feedback to us.

So much data appears to be mind-boggling but can provide us valuable insights to ward off potential problems that lead to high blood pressure, depression and obesity.

Apart from physical biometrics, new wearables also measure our mental wellness, and look for causes of chronic stress and burnout, proving that data can be a friend.


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