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Immune system explained - Better Health Channel

Immune system explained - Better Health Channel


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The immune system and microbial infection

Our bodies' immune system keeps a track record of every microbe that it has ever encountered and defeated in the memory cells (white blood cells - B- and T-lymphocytes).

Once a microbe enters the body again, it can be easily recognized and defeated before it multiplies and make you feel sic...

Parts of the immune system

  • White blood cells - the key players of our immune system
  • Antibodies - these recognize the antigens on the surface of the microbe then mark them for destruction
  • Complement System - made up of proteins that complement the work ...

The body's other defenses

  • Skin - our skin is the largest organ of the body what is waterproof and secretes oil that has bacteria-killing properties
  • Lungs - mucus in the lungs traps foreign bodies and the cilia waves the mucus upwards so that i can be coughed out by the body

Fevers as an immune system response

With some infections we may experience getting a fever or a rise in our body's temperature. This is actually an immune system response and by doing so can actually kill some microbes and trigger the body's repair process.

Common disorders of the immune system

Overactivity of the immune system can cause:

  • Allergic diseases; and
  • Autoimmune diseases

Underactivity of the immune system (immunodefiency):

  • These can be inherited such as CVID and SCID
  • Sometimes arise as...

Immunoglobulin therapy

Immunoglobulins, also known as antibodies, are used to treat people who are unable to make enough antibodies of their own or those whose antibodies don't work properly.

This can be delivered through:

  • a drip into the vein - IVIg (intravenous immunoglobulin); or
  • it can be d...


The immunization process works by copying the body's natural immune response. We are then injected with vaccines that contain the same germs that cause the diseases but they have been either killed or wekaned to the point that they don't make you severely sick; others contain onl...

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Was learning about communicable diseases in biology, and found the process of immunity really interesting in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic.



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