Here's a look at the Tour de France - Deepstash
  • The Tour de France is a multi-stage, international cycle race, taking place every year in France and surrounding areas.
  • The first tournament was created by reporter and cyclist Henri Desgrange in 1903.
  • The 107th Tour de France took place in Aug-Sept 2020, and this year, it began on June 26, to continue till July 18, 2021.
  • The race includes 21 stages and covers over 3k kilometres this year.
  • France has won this tournament 36 times, and American born Lance Armstrong won it seven times.



  • The prestigious long-form bike race is won by the cyclist finishing the distance in the shortest accumulated time(overall).
  • The different coloured jerseys are worn by cyclists who achieve certain special distinctions like best accumulated time in the mountain area(Polka Dot jersey) or the best accumulated time in flat terrains(Green jersey).
  • The first race, held in 1903 was won by French national Maurice Garin.
  • The pandemic postponed the race in 2020 by about two months.


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