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5 Things I Repeat to Myself Every Day

5 Things I Repeat to Myself Every Day

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5 Things to Say in the Morning

5 Things to Say in the Morning

  1. “What’s the problem today?” The very first thing I do is pick one problem I can either correct or start correcting today.
  2. “You’re going to make it.” Things are going to be okay. I’m going to figure this out. I’m going to survive either way .
  3. “What are you going to eat?” This might seem silly, but giving yourself an idea of what you’re going to eat that day is a simple decision.
  4. “Your boy loves the Hell out of you.” Remind yourself that someone loves you.
  5. “Let’s get it done” I have to give myself my own hype. Let’s get it done, make that scratch, make the world a little better, and keep going !


57 reads


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