The world's most prestigious tennis tournament

Wimbledon may be the world's most prestigious tennis tournament, but it's a laggard when it comes to revenue and deliberately so.

According to official financial records posted by Companies House, Wimbledon generated $289 million in 2017, 6.5% more than last year. By comparison, although 2017 results have not been released yet, a source with knowledge of the figures tells Forbes that the U.S. Open posted revenue of $335 million, a 9.8% gain from 2016.



Why Wimbledon Leaves $60 Million On Centre Court

Why the huge disparity in revenue?

The U.S. Open's advantage over Wimbledon is largely due to two revenue sources: sponsors and tickets.

Wimbledon has always had a sense of tradition. Wimbledon favors long-term partnerships with trusted sponsors like Rolex, Slazenger, and Robinsons Barley Water, which are not allowed to advertise directly on the grounds. 

The logos on most courts are black, which are barely visible in order to highlight the beauty of the lush light green grass and dark green border. On Centre Court and Court No. 1, the logos are white but minuscule to anyone who isn't seated in the front row.


"Our clean court philosophy is at the heart of our brand and is respected and appreciated by our global partners, both Official Supplier partners and broadcasters. In addition, the consideration we give to limiting the number of partners to ensure we are able to maximize each relationship on its own terms and objectives is also important. Our objective, therefore, is not to maximize revenue in the short term, but to build relationships for the long term that will future-proof The Championships and our partners for years to come.”


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