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Coping With the Fear of Water

Coping With the Fear of Water

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The Fear Of Water

Aquaphobia is a common fear, which varies in severity from person to person.

The main cause of aquaphobia is a bad experience, like a near-drowning incident in the past, while also being hereditary.


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Symptoms of Aquaphobia

..include shaking, freezing, or attempting to run. It can also result in panic attacks or anticipatory anxiety before an encounter with water. Being afraid of water can be life-limiting as we experience water in many forms.

Extreme levels of phobia can also lead to ablutophobia(The fear of bathing).


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Treatment For Aquaphobia

CBT(Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is a popular psychological treatment for aquaphobia. It involves changing your behavioural patterns and stress response gradually. Other treatments include medications and even hypnosis.


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The 1975 movie Jaws, which was about killer sharks at beaches devouring humans, had a strong cultural impact on the general public, as many moviegoers who frequented the beach were suddenly terrified of going in the water or were more aware and cautious while swimming(or surfing). This happened even though none of the moviegoers actually experienced real sharks.


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