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Why you can‘t avoid procrastination Even after you know how to?

Why you can‘t avoid procrastination Even after you know how to?

You have already been read alot about how to overcome procrastination from various sources. They do actually work but not for a very long time.

So why we can't able to avoid procrastination for a very long time, the reason is simple we don't actually make it a habit. To make a habit of not to procrastinate, you first have to make a mindset, and continuously repeat it until its become your habit.


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So what is mindset?

So what is mindset?

In a simple language I would say its nothing but just thinking of anything in advance and preparing for it in your mind. To develop that kind of mindset you have to regularly tell your subconscious mind that

for example- If you have to get up at 5 am you have to tell your mind that tomorrow I am going to get up at 5 am at any cost.

You have to do this until its feeds in your subconscious mind. And ones you have develop that kind of mindset , it will soon become your habit.


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Nishkarsh rajput

Life is very short, if you didn't do anything right at this moment, their will be nothing left to think in future.



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