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Method #1 Avoiding an Opportunity for Attack

1. Be aware of your surroundings, always- Know where the nearest police or fire station.

2. Travel with someone whenever possible, especially at night- If you live alone, text a friend or family member letting them know where you will be and when to expect to hear from you next.

3. Act with purpose- Don’t ask random people on the street for directions. Go inside a shop and ask a member of staff instead.

4. Lock your doors and windows at home- Most burglaries occur by criminals by trying out door handles or windows in a neighborhood until they find one that is unlocked. Don't risk it.


Method #2 Avoiding Potentially Dangerous People

Method #2 Avoiding Potentially Dangerous

1. Beware of needy strangers- some people are extra sympathetic. Killers often prey on these sympathies to incite them to drop their guard. Say “no” if someone unknown asks for your help getting to/into their vehicle.

2. Trust your gut instinct- Anyone in your surrounding area that makes you feel uncomfortable should be avoided.

3. Never let strange people into your home- If someone arrives at your door as a service person you were not expecting, call the company and verify before opening the door.

4. Avoid giving personal information to strangers- Make your social media profiles private


Method #3 Defending Yourself Against an Imminent Attack

1. Run away- the best way to avoid getting hurt is to run away from this person and towards a busy public area.

2. Hide from your attacker, if you cannot escape the scene- put your mobile phone on silent and hold so that it doesn’t vibrate.

3. Yell “back off!” and push your attacker- Keep your voice confident and authoritative and yell as loudly as you can. If anyone is within hearing distance, you might attract their attention.

4. Carry and learn how to use pepper spray-you would need to learn to use correctly to avoid self-injury.

5. Learn self-defense techniques from a trained instructor.


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