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Every Experience Is Worth Having - Darius Foroux

Every Experience Is Worth Having - Darius Foroux


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Every Experience Is Worth Having - Darius Foroux

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Experiences are desires

When you’re trying hard to experience something special in life, you’re actually chasing your desires without being aware of them.

The funny thing is when you try hard to get special experiences from life, you miss whatever is right in front of you. 

  • Life is not about the things you get to experience, it’s something you experience regardless of what you do.

That means every experience is worth it. Whether it’s something you desired or not. 


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“You have to understand that it is your attempt to get special experiences from life that makes you miss the actual experience of life. Life is not something you get; it’s something you experience.”


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Practice the “last time” meditation

On small occasions during the day, pretend it’s the last time you’ll experience that thing you’re doing.

  • When you’re drinking a cup of coffee, pretend this is the last time in your life you will drink coffee. After your last cup, coffee beans will vanish from the planet.

You can do this for almost everything. That instantly makes us more appreciative of the task we're doing.


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Change is optional

We often want to change our surroundings because we don’t like them. There’s nothing wrong with trying to change your life.

Instead, view change as optional . Adopt a mindset of,

  • “I’m good with the way my life is right now. And if I can change some things, that’s great. But if it doesn’t work out, that’s fine too.”

That way you’re good with any experience in life. It’s a beautiful way to live because no matter what happens, you will be happy and content.


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