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'Streetonomics': What our addresses say about us

'Streetonomics': What our addresses say about us


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'Streetonomics': What our addresses say about us

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Street names and titles don’t just serve a functional purpose of locating a certain place, but also reveal aspects of history, culture and character of the area.

Streetonomics, new research on location names, aims to uncover hidden facets and the identity of the places.


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  • Governments all across the world have always insisted on the home address to be filled on every form that is filled out for jobs, loans and applications of all sorts.
  • Street names were deliberately used to mirror the cultural, political, religious and social values of a city or town.
  • Politicians utilized the naming of streets to preserve the legacies of important people.


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  • In the last few decades, there has been an acceleration in the renaming or co-naming of streets across the world.
  • A study found that there is gender bias in the naming of streets, with only 32 per cent being named after females.
  • Certain names, like those of writers or artists, are always celebrated.
  • There has been a drastic drop in streets being named after military leaders.
  • Street names often affect the perception of the visiting person, and many properties rise in value just by having a different, unique name, as compared to a number.


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