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14 Cool Facts About The Olympics That You Might Not Know

14 Cool Facts About The Olympics That You Might Not Know



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Cool Facts! - Olympic Games

  1. Athletes were often naked in the Olympics held in Ancient Greece, as a tribute to the Gods.
  2. Winners often bite their medal during the awards ceremony, as a nod to early merchants who used to bite the gold to check its authenticity. The ones with lead used to leave teeth marks.
  3. ...

  • Olympics were initially held in Olympia every four years from 776 BCE till 392 AD. 
  • The games were then abolished by Roman Emperor Theodosius.
  • The Olympic games returned after 1500 years in Athens with the formation of the International Olympic Committee in 1896.

  1. The Olympic Rings stand for the five continents, with colours that are found in all competing nations' flags.
  2. The names of the winners are engraved on the stadium walls.
  3. The ancient Olympic games only had Gold medals.
  4. The Olympic Flame is always lit and can withstand ...

  • Olympics for the disabled and differently-abled started in Rome in 1960, and since then has seen many athletes with no hands and no legs win medals.
  • The same year Abebe Bikila won the Olympic marathon(26 miles) barefoot.
  • True equality was showcased in the 2012 London Olympics...

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