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What is Internal Communications in 2021?

What is Internal Communications in 2021?


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What is Internal Communications in 2021?

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Definition: Internal Comms

Internal communications refers to the method of keeping employees informed about the goings-on of the business. 

Good internal comms create a shared understanding of company goals, values, and guidelines. 

Internal comms help keep employees up-to-date on a company’s latest initiatives as well as establishing clear communications among different departments.


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Business comms

Business communication is information shared both internally and externally by a company, about the company. 

This could take the form of:

  •  an all-hands meeting
  • messages sent via an employee-engagement app, e.g. Slack
  • emails


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What can internal comms communicate?

Internal communicators can connect people together in the business and help with communicating the following topics:

  • The employee experience
  • Company-wide business goals
  • Changes related to digital transformation
  • Any new initiatives, executive hires, programs, or projects


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What is the purpose of internal comms

Good internal comms helps employees feel connected to the company—all the way to decisions, initiatives, programs, departments, and executive messages. 

These connections are vital to helping employees understand why their managers are making decisions.

When employees are given the tools to understand what’s driving those decisions and changes, they are more likely to be receptive and engaged.


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