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Why Employees At Apple And Google Are More Productive

Why Employees At Apple And Google Are More Productive

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Star Players In Star Companies

  • Big Tech companies have a few methods and mindsets that result in a 40 percent increase in productivity.
  • Hiring great people is just one of the many aspects that companies like Google, Apple, Netflix and Dell employ to achieve billion-dollar turnovers.
  • They have the same number of star players as the other companies, but the outcome is dramatically different.
  • In a span of 10 years, these techniques compound exponentially and yield 30 times more than other companies.


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Grouping Of Star Players

Big companies select and prioritize a few roles that are business critical and assign their top, A-grade talent into them. The rest of their roles do not have many star players.

The way a team is constructed from the beginning, and how many star players are stacked together matters a lot, especially for the crucial projects.


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Organizational Drag

  • Many managers replace judgements with processes and try to escape the fallout of bad decisions.
  • Companies also follow outdated processes that are not discarded by senior management.
  • This result is organizational drag, wasted time and loss of productivity, costing the economy over USD 3 Trillion each year.

Example: Expense management is essentially based on distrust, as there are audits, limits, documentation and extensive tracking of employees. This entire process can be simply eliminated and employees can be trusted with managing expenses themselves, like Netflix does.


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Leaders That Inspire

  • Poor leadership costs many companies more than a billion dollars every year.
  • Inspired teams deliver 125 percent more than a satisfied one.
  • Big Tech focuses on collective talent, because individual talent usually isn’t enough to turn the tables.
  • It does not matter what an individual does if the work is the opposite of how the organization works.
  • Simply put, companies that inspire employees perform exceedingly well.


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