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Deep Work


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Deep Work

by Cal Newport

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The Chain method of productivity

The Chain Method that help you to concentrate on task with consistency.

The traditional way to do the Chain Method (given by Seinfeld) involves crossing off days in a calendar, preferably a big yearly one, each time you successfully complete your daily task or habit. The Seinfeld Method is a simple commitment device that can be used for initiating and maintaining any habit.


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Things you need

Things you need:

  1. A marker (or Pen).
  2. A Calendar
  3. One(or more) major task every day.


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The Method

Pick a task of your day, concentrate on task. (Any task that play a major role in your life and career).

For Example: Reading a self help book or on your passion.

Complete it by the end of the day. If you successfully complete the task. Take a marker and make a big cross on Calender.


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Consistency is Important

Pick one or two major task every day, and focus to complete it. Make a chain on Calendar (with red cross). True to yourself, Your work is not to break that Chain on Calendar. 

It will definitely help you to be consistent. Become 1% better every day.

You must keep your calendar or notebook physically present wherever you work or complete your habit, preferably within eye-sight.It should be its own dedicated thing with its own dedicated place.


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