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Hack your brain for better problem solving

Hack your brain for better problem solving


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Hack your brain for better problem solving

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Problem Solving: An In-Demand Skill

Most job postings nowadays require skill sets related to problem-solving, making it a sought-after ability that job candidates love to put in their resumes. Finding solutions is where the big money is.

Yet we design our lives in a way that is counterintuitive to problem solving.

We are always in production mode, always working, available and doing something. Our mental resources are depleted most of the time, making us ineffective in solving problems.


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Humans have always leaned towards taking advice from their family, friends and colleagues to solve problems.

Groups of people who are always communicating end up utilizing their collective knowledge and solve complex problems, while people who try to solve problems alone often invent original solutions never thought of before.

The trick is to embrace the middle path and nurture one's own original ideas while also gathering with peers and look for solutions using collective learning.


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The always-on culture that instant communication has provided us is destructive to original thinking and diminishes our capacity to solve problems.

A counterintuitive way to solve a problem is to set aside time when one is not dealing with the problem at all, but doing something completely different.


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  • When we set aside some time to not deal with our problem, it paradoxically improves our efforts.
  • This downtime makes our subconscious mind work invisibly towards a possible solution.
  • What we do in our downtime is completely up to us, but research shows that exercise, Yoga and trekking are great options.
  • It is imperative to sleep well and eat nutritious food to help untangle our minds and bring clarity.
  • Companies can help by setting aside time for employees to relax and do some office activities to help them unwind.


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  • Tuning out from problem-solving helps us solve the problem in a better way, as paradoxical as it sounds.
  • We can use this to our advantage by engaging in creative activities that stimulate our mind, like playing music, solving puzzles and indulging in other interdisciplinary skills.

The best way to solve problems is to keep learning new things and performing creative activities.


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