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The Misery Tax

The Misery Tax

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The Misery Tax

The Misery Tax

An ad hoc form of expenditure wherein an unhappy worker feels compelled to spend a proportion of their wages on things that allow them to continue to function and work: sugary food, caffeine, alcohol & ‘retail therapy’.

If you don’t like the job you work or the life you are living you will spend more of your disposable income either during work hours or immediately afterwards on things to cheer you up.

This compensatory spending drains your resources, which diminishes your ability to save and thus means you become increasingly stuck in the job. A vicious circle.


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Take it easy to get out of the rut

The chain of events will run something like this: First, you give up on beating yourself up and hustling and unnecessary early mornings and cold showers and all the rest of it. Thus, you signal to yourself that you care for yourself. You loosen up. This reduces the extent of the Misery Taxation (I.e. the boozing and pizza demolishing curbs a little). Health improves.

And then one day, while lying in the park & looking at the clouds, you have a creative idea. You pursue it out of genuine curiosity. And thats how you break the misery chain.


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Life-long learner. Passionate about leadership, entrepreneurship, philosophy, Buddhism & SF. Founder @deepstash.

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