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Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits

by James Clear


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Uprooting An Oak Differs From Cultivating A Delicate Flower

We all know there r 2 types of habits- good habits and bad ones. We find it very difficult eradicating our bad habits and cultivating good ones.

Let's suppose assume an oak tree. The way it deeply trenches its roots deep down resembles the potential of our bad habit. Not only unless v work ...

Complaining An Ice Cube For Not Melting

"Complaining about not achieving success despite working hard is like - Complaining an ice cube for not melting when u heated from 25°C to 31°C"

Assume an ice cube on a table in a room at 25°C. It doesn't melt ,now we're increasing the temperature a.d observing the change .26 °C , doesn't ...

The most powerful outcomes r always delayed

Let me ask u a questions

  • Have u ever expected faster results like you've started working out today and you expect results the next day or week?

In that case ,this content is for you . Expecting is not bad but expecting smthng to get fast is very bad ,from my personal experi...

It's not about result ,it's about the process .....

  • "you shd be far more concerned with ur current trajectory than ur current results."

Most of us start doing something (exercise, writing) in fond of results (skinny, author). But in a matter of time v lose interest and stop working on them .At times v often judge overselves and ou...

Breakthrough moments r ofter the result of many previous action

This books does have a lot of inspiration. There's a context -

  • "Breakthrough moments r ofter the result of many previous actions, which build up the potential required to unleash a major change."

This is the key of our life and we'll must know it. There r 2 aspects of this ...

Micro habits

To all the readers of the book Atomic habits ,I exclude you guys bcoz u've already known this term I guess

Micro habits r nothing but small things that bring a lot of difference . Examples maybe like making your bed after wakeup, keeping things in order and place etc etc etc....


My idea about the book

This book is such a life saver and you'll guys reading this might say that I'm exaggerating things . I haven't even finished this book yet. But let me ask you 3 things......

- How many of you guys had really pushed yourself to do something , ofcourse not something very serious , something l...

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