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Is Life Better When You're Busy? | Scott H Young

Is Life Better When You're Busy? | Scott H Young


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Reasons for Busyness

People like to be busy, they're happier. A lot of it is self-imposed, otherwise without a justification for an activity, we'd choose idleness to activeness.

We feel too busy, some of it is unnecessary, why?

  • Signaling : Showing that busy people ar...

Finding the Busyness Sweet Spot

Most people, have a scale from utterly bored to burned out, with the ideal level of busyness lying somewhere in between.

Some of us are happy when we're closer to "relaxed", others need more activity.

The shift can be thought from the busyness-happiness calculation:...

What Are The Good Reasons To Be Busy?

Even when we want to be busy, it's not just to do things, we need a reason. That compelling reason makes the difference, it can lead to either overcommitment or inactivity.

Goal-setting and planning are vital because they’re the tools we use to find motivating activities. Making concrete i...

Do You Really Have Too Little Time?

Out of 24 hours, we all have the same amount of time each day but use it differently. If you feel you lack time, check for conflicts between your priorities.

Intrinsic enjoyment from an activity is essential when you're bus...

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