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Fire before you Aim

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Don't Think. Just Do

Don't Think. Just Do

  • The first few failures are going to look like crap. Ultimately, those crappy results will teach you the art of crafting your best outcomes.
  • You will start to own the game. Because you know that the n’th time you fail in the task, you’ll fail better.
  • So yes, procrastination will lose it’s part in your work-frame!
  • You’ll start to do things better and faster.


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The Art of Starting

The Art of Starting

“Preparation leads to clarity”, I’d boast. But, It took me a hell load of missed deadlines to intake the classic truth: it’s better to face failure and learn what’s necessary than to muse in my imagination that I’ll never fail when prepared. This bitter-sweet realization eventually made me break-up with my long preparation schedules.


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