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5 Ways to not feel guilty for taking a break from work - Spaces

5 Ways to not feel guilty for taking a break from work - Spaces



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Remind yourself that you have the right to a break

Having the fear of getting replaced by someone else in your position? Or perhaps having this fear that what if someone works ahead of me if I take a break? No need to worry; your boss won’t fire or replace you over your summer vacation. Or as a student, taking break will infact increase

A healthy work-life balance is important

You probably know this already: taking a vacation is good for you. So, go do it. Everyone needs a break from work from time to time, to stay sane. You are of no good use to your boss if you break under work-pressure. That’s why you should remember that re...

Time-off boosts your productivity

Research points out that time off from work and completely disconnecting from work leads to being more productive.

Yes mental fatigue and mental blocks are common. So recharging yourself is equally important! Example pursuing a hobby which you love during y...

A gentle reminder

The point is...When you take a break...Take a break! Remind yourself that it is an "add on" to your productivity. A power up booster! If you ever feel the guilt part...Then remind yourself that this moment of space which you're taking is your power up booster towards productivity!

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