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We Need to Stop Believing These Five Tech Myths

We Need to Stop Believing These Five Tech Myths


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We Need to Stop Believing These Five Tech Myths

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Putting the phone on charge all night does not damage the battery.

Smartphones of today have lithium-ion batteries, and advanced technology that prevents overheating, overcharging and other issues that plagued earlier phones.


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It is believed that airport X-Ray machines wipe the data on our smartphones and laptops. This is entirely false, as hard drives, flash drives and optical drives are not affected by X-rays.

Camera films are at risk with the X-Ray, and metal detectors can really do wipe the data in the hard disk.


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Advertising of more megapixels makes a great marketing strategy in smartphones, with the numbers going to 64 and 108 MP. 

Do not fall for this myth, as more megapixels does not mean better pictures. What matters is the quality of the pixel, and bigger pixels can improve the quality of the photographs.


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Early computers required air conditioning and dust-free zones. They crashed often, taking our data with them. It was advised to shut them every night to prevent konking out.

Nowadays, computers are sophisticated and can be easily put in sleep mode when not in use. Shutting down or restarting them can be done weekly.


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  • It was thought that Macs, developed by Apple, don’t get viruses, and are safer to use.
  • The truth is that virus developers concentrated more on the Windows platform as it always had a larger market share.
  • Macs, with their comparatively small market share, still can get viruses.
  • That being said, Macs do have unique, built-in security features.
  • Antivirus software is a good bet no matter what operating system you are using.


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Last year, Apple was fined millions of dollars for slowing down older iPhones, though they maintained that it was for a better experience and to ensure that the battery does not fail. 

This scandal, known as Batterygate, gave rise to the myth that manufacturers purposely slow down our devices.

The truth is, old hardware does get slowed down due to the apps getting newer updates.


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