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7 Things I Didn’t Expect About Being a Barista

7 Things I Didn’t Expect About Being a Barista


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7 Things I Didn’t Expect About Being a Barista

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Customers can be really grumpy

When customers come into our cafe, they are sleep-deprived and desperate for the elixir of life that is coffee.

But if you’re running late, don’t buy a Mochaccino. Get some iced coffee.


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People don’t always suck. As a matter of fact, many people — especially our Regulars — are shining beacons of light.

It’s very odd, the intimate details that you can learn about each of your customer’s lives.


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It isn’t easy to wake up at 5AM and force your brain into hyperactive motion. It isn’t easy to manage a crowd of customers that floods in the door the second we open at 6. A day’s work includes endless running back and forth through the cafe, checking to make sure everything’s running properly, ensuring that no customer leaves unhappy.

It almost seems like an oxymoron — how can a coffee shop be exhausting? Isn’t this supposed to be a haven of relaxation, soft jazz, and comfort food? Shouldn’t every employee be amped up on caffeine and good vibes?


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In order to become a barista, one must go through a five-step process: 

  • Interview and get hired. 
  • Work as a cashier until my boss deems you skilled enough for a promotion. 
  • Take a coffee history & science class at our local roastery. 
  • Complete 2 weeks of training sessions. 
  • Take a certification exam. 


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  • In high-class coffee culture, “dark roast,” is the inferior variety. Why? It might show that a company is trying to hide the true taste of their beans. In a dark roast, what you’re really tasting is the smokiness of the roasting process itself — the natural flavors of the beans have been scorched away. 
  • There’s two distinct types of coffee beans, arabica and robusta. About 75% of the world’s coffee production is arabica, whilst 25% is robusta — so most likely, what you purchase is arabica coffee. It’s also a little more expensive to grow, but much more consumer-desirable.


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The coffee industry can make you see both the grumpy side and the beautiful side of the human race. 


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They can make the most draining of days feel tolerable. They can uplift you. And they still tolerate you at your worst. 


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