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Why you shouldn’t share your goals

Why you shouldn’t share your goals


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Why you shouldn’t share your goals

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The race to get the world’s first plane in the sky was a hard-fought battle between The Wright Brothers and a lesser-known gentleman by the name of Samuel Pierpont Langley. 

The world knows about the Wright brothers but the outspoken Pierpont Langley, who no one knows about, was about to take the honours of building the flying machine if he had kept quiet.


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Early praise can leave the individual receiving the praise feeling like he or she has already won… in turn causing them to be less likely to follow through with their goals.

When we openly share our goals, we experience a feeling of success that normally only takes place upon completion of the goal.

The result? We don’t ever actually pursue the goal.


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  • Embrace fear-setting over goal-sharing.
  • Surround yourself with competition.

By simply showing up and placing yourself in a competitive environment, you will be more likely to push harder and show up more often — two factors that can help your reach your goals.


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