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The 5 Rules of Effective Collaboration

The 5 Rules of Effective Collaboration

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Get Aligned

It's about getting people aligned and excited as to why it's even worth the hassle of going after. 

Often, the cost of inaction is a greater motivator than the potential rewards. So, rather than just trying to make your team understand the size of the prize, take some time to help them understand what is at stake if you don't take any action.


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Get Structure

Get Structure

Collaboration done right has tight parameters around scope, what resources are ready to be deployed and a clear understanding of who will drive the work forward after a solution is reached. 

Knowing that a plan is in place to turn strategy into action will help the team commit to the project.


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Get Diverse

Get Diverse

Be sure to include an outsider's perspective on your challenge; this is often magically revealing.

You want a diverse group of minds working against your complex challenge, as this will provide the most enlightening insight.


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Get Active

To show your team that change is happening, and this project is real, the project must move from strategy to action, fast. 

To facilitate this, teams must know how success will be measured, who is in charge and how teams will know when to change course.


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Get Human

Get Human

Collaboration requires constant nurturing, reassessment and patience.

These 'soft skills' give way to the resilience, commitment, and camaraderie needed to get a group through inevitable adversity that will appear.


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Collaboration in the workplace

We know that it leads us to better ideas and outcomes; not to mention it makes the process of work more meaningful and enjoyable on the whole. But it's a tricky thing to get right.


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1 + 1 = 3, that's the defintion of a good team.

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