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What's Stopping Collaboration in Your Organization?



What's Stopping Collaboration in Your Organization?
Mention "collaboration" in an organizational setting and more often than not, colleagues will associate the term with words like "teamwork," "cooperation," and "networking." But true organizational collaboration is something greater - it's structured and invokes a great level of introspection when it comes to behavior and communication.


Key Idea

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For structured collaborations to take place...

...organizations need a framework comprised of these 3 key levels:

  • Structural Level: Understanding structures, roles, and responsibilities of team members.
  • Systemic Lev...




Leo Tolstoy

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Leo Tolstoy

About change

Organizations don’t change. People change. Many companies move to change systems and structures and create new policies and processes but fail to address the underlying mind-sets and capabilities of the people who will execute it.

A new strategy will fall short of its potential if they fail to address the mental attitude because people on the ground tend to continue to behave as they did before.

Looking both ways

Companies that only look outward in the process of organizational change, and dismiss individual learning and adaptation make two common mistakes:

  • They focus solely on business outcomes and fail to appreciate that people will have to adapt to implement it.
  • They focus too much on developing skills. 

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