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The glorification of busy

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The glorification of busy

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Part I

Part I

  1. Stress + Rest = Growth. Decades of research in exercise science show that this is how you get stronger and faster, and the latest cognitive science shows that this is also how you get smarter and more creative.
  2. Focus on the Process, Not Results. Research shows that concentrating on the process is best for both performance and mental health. 
  3. Stay Humble. If you don’t maintain an open mind, you’ll severely limit your opportunities to learn and make progress.
  4. Build Your Tribe. A large and growing body of behavioral science research shows that motivation (or lack thereof) is contagious.


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Part II

Part II

  1. Take Small, Consistent Steps to Achieve Big Gains. Small and consistent victories compound over time, leading to massive gains.
  2. Make the Hard Thing Easier. Willpower is overrated. Rather than relying completely on self-control, intentionally design your environment to make the hard thing easier. 
  3. Remember to Experience Joy. People are so driven to keep growing and progressing that sometimes they forget to be fully present for special moments or neglect to pause and celebrate their milestones.


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