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Do you know what makes people successful?

Experts claim that the most successful people aren’t necessarily the most intelligent or best educated; they’re the most emotionally resilient.

They don’t let negative emotions cloud their judgment. Instead, they acknowledge such feelings as being inevitable and take responsibility for their actions. They can step back from a situation and not allow their emotions to take over.



Emotional Habits

by Akash Karia

  • Everyone has to deal with negative emotions or experiences.
  • You can’t choose what happens to you, but you can choose how you respond.
  • Taking control of negative emotions isn’t the same as suppressing them.
  • “Emotionally resilient” people accept their emotions and take ownership of their actions. They use questions to develop better self-awareness.
  • They adopt “power postures” or poses to help strengthen them and defuse negativity.
  • Instead of reacting to a stimulus, they change their focus to shift the meaning of the stimulus to indicate a better outcome.
  • Emotionally resilient people change or mold their beliefs to control their emotions.
  • They ask challenging questions to improve themselves.
  • They learn to modify their “self-talk and inner movies” by adjusting the controls.
  • They rewire bad habits by modifying the “antecedent, behavior” and “consequence” (ABC) loop of events in their lives.



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