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The Interview Book


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The Interview Book

by James Innes

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How Can You Make Yourself  Worth In Phone Interviews🌼🎗

Phone interviews are efficient time savers for both the candidates and employers. Initially considered screening for benefits of employer , a phone interviews also help the candidates weed out any potential deal breakers before investing time, money, resources to give a personal face to face interviews whenever that is happening.


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A Phone Interviews A Level  Playing  Field

In person interviews tend to focus less on skill and experience , and more on who is cordial,or great to talk to .it does help to build rapport in some cases, but also promotes an invisible bias towards candidates rase, gender class in job performance.


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A Phone Interviews  Are Real Interviews

Keep in mind that the employer is making a based on what you say or not say in interviews call.they can throw curveball questions to test your mind or patience. And it is better to be prepared then to assuse that the interaction going to be 5 min interview. So be prepared what and how you are.


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