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5 Awesome Ways to Say Thanks

5 Awesome Ways to Say Thanks



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Say Thanks to Show Gratitude

Thank You - an expression of gratitude used to show appreciation for something.

  • Part of Speech: Interjection
  • Sentence Example: Thank you for helping me on the committee.

Thank You - an act or expres...

1. Say Thanks with a Gift

Sometimes a simple gift is a perfect way to say "Thanks." The gift doesn't have to be expensive.

  • Consider homemade cookies, or a simple bouquet of flowers as ways to show your gratitude.
  • Your gift can also be something you do for the other person such as mowing...

2. Say Thanks with a Surprise Note

Finding a note when you don't expect it, can be a fun surprise.

  • A simple "Thank You" attached to the fridge for a family member to see or attached to a co-workers' computer screen can express your thanks and give the other person a smile.

3. Say Thanks with a Banner or Sign

An unexpected banner or sign that expresses your gratitude is a fun way to say "Thanks."

  • The sign can be any size and can be hand lettered or professionally printed. You can choose to put up a banner written with chalk on their garage door or have a sign maker create a...

4. Say Thanks in a Foreign Language

Your "Thank You" doesn't have to be given in English.

Consider adding to the fun by expressing your thanks in a foreign language. For example:

  • French - merci
  • Spanish - gracias
  • Hawaiian - mahalo

5. Say Thanks with a Letter or Card

Sometimes your "Thank You" begs for a little more explanation than you could give on a brief note or banner. This is when you need to write a letter or card.

  • Be sure to customize the card by mentioning what they gave you and how you will use it. 

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