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Managing Time Like a Pro

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Managing Time Like a Pro

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Think lazy

Think lazy

Counterintuitive advice to solve a thorny problem is to think lazy.

Bryan Cowan of Acuity Surgical knew his employees would worry about job security through the pandemic, so he decided to have zero layoffs, furloughs, or pay decreases and instead focus on making a stronger company and team. It paid dividends.


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Get things done in your sleep

The mind often awakes in the early morning while the body is still asleep and process difficulties from the previous days.

You may frequently wake up with a good solution—advice from Cameron Clarke, Sunderstorm. 


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Do pull-ups

Juan Palacio, advises doing pull-ups whenever things are not 'flowing'.

It keeps team members energised and moving.


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Watch more reality TV

When lacking motivation, Milana Lewis from Stem, advises to work while watching reality TV.

It helps to push through on days when you don't feel you can do it.


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Don't do phone calls

Conference calls and other phone calls can consume a lot of time. Mark Olson from Adwire Media says that he can answer 50 client emails in the time he can take one phone call.

It's less time consuming to answer 100 to 150 emails per day than to have 100 to 150 phone calls per day.


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Have fun

When Kathleen Bryars from Goodlife Institute feels compelled to grind and get it done, she steps away and takes her dog for a walk.

She also decided that work had to be fun for her employees, no matter what. If a meeting wasn't fun, they didn't do it. If they didn't enjoy their work, they shut down for the day. The result was an increased total revenue.


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