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Where to Search for Jobs: Finding Your Next Opportunity

Where to Search for Jobs: Finding Your Next Opportunity


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Where to Search for Jobs: Finding Your Next Opportunity

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Finding A Perfect Job: Where To Search

Finding the perfect job takes time, patience and the right resources. The time it takes for you to find a job may vary depending on your industry, location and level of experience.

It might seem counterintuitive, but the more experienced you are, the longer it may take you to find a job, because employers may see you as overqualified. But there are some ways you can make the search more constructive.


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One of the most powerful things you can do when searching for jobs is actively networking. It can be awkward and, for people who aren’t naturally outgoing, requires a bit of courage, initiative and self-discipline.

  • Start with friends and people you know.
  • Find people who have similar jobs to the one you are seeking.
  • Force yourself out of your comfort zone.
  • Know that people genuinely enjoy your interest in them.


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Looking at online job boards is an efficient way to find opportunities.

  • Glassdoor: Glassdoor is known as a resource for researching a potential employer. 
  • LinkedIn: A “professional social network” where aside from job listings, you can potentially reach decision makers at the companies you wish to apply to.
  • SimplyHired: This site can flag job openings to you based on your location. 
  • Upwork: If you are looking for freelance gigs, there are a wealth of job opportunities on Upwork. 

You can find many other sites like Ladder and Indeed, based on your industry.


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You can streamline your search using boards that cater to certain pay levels, or based on employee and interviewee feedback.

As you find and apply for jobs, check that you have everything—from your resume to your online image—in order to land the job you want.


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Professional organizations can be a useful way to network with people in your industry and give you access to jobs that might not be widely found on the job boards we mentioned above. In addition, they can be a resource to learn which skills you should learn and how to do so.

JobStars has a list of professional organizations you can use as a starting point for finding one relevant for your search.


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Agencies and recruiters can maximize your search potential by actively looking for work for you. Once they have familiarized themselves with your skills and experience, they can be an additional resource pounding the pavement to help you land your dream job.

Keep in mind agencies and recruiters will receive a fee from the employer for placing you, and companies only work with a preferred list of agencies and recruiters.


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You can find lists of recruiters and agencies by industry on JobStars. 

Other websites where you can find recruiters include SearchFirm, Online Recruiters Directory and Recruiterly. For creative jobs, a great place to look is Aquent.


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