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Why inexperienced workers can't get entry-level jobs

Why inexperienced workers can't get entry-level jobs


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Why inexperienced workers can't get entry-level jobs

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Experience prior to an entry-level position

A recent analysis of close to 4 million jobs posted on LinkedIn since late 2017 showed that 35% of postings for “entry-level” positions asked for years of prior relevant work experience.

That requirement was even more common in certain industries. More than 60% of listings for entry-level software and IT Services jobs, for instance, required three or more years of experience. In short, it seems entry-level jobs aren’t for people just entering the workforce at all. 


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Internships are now the entry-level. An ever-growing internship market means more young people are fleshing out their resumes before they even leave university.

This fact impacts the entry-level job market on multiple fronts. 

  • First, companies can save money by using interns to do that work without having to pay junior employees; the more interns a company has, the fewer entry-level jobs it’s likely to open.
  • Second, because applicants with one or more internships on their resume aren’t tough to come by, those who don’t have internship experience are left out in the cold.


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It’s not only internships that have replaced the entry-level job. Many of them have been eliminated over recent decades as tools and technologies are introduced to do the same work – without the paycheck.

What’s left at the “entry-level”, then, are often jobs that require more interpersonal communication, higher-level responsibilities or consumer-facing roles, which many companies are reluctant to trust to a newly-minted graduate.


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