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Live Fearlessly


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Live Fearlessly

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Live Fearlessly - Last Words From Kerri Grote

Are you running towards life or running away from death?

None of us gets out alive from this rodeo called life.

Dying is a transition each of us go through and it doesn’t have to be a battle.

Don’t let fear fuel your choices. Live fearlessly. Run TOWARDS life. Don’t worry about what people think. Trust me, it doesn’t matter.


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Focus On You

Be true to yourself. Be your own best friend. People who tell you you’re selfish are not your people. If the voice in your head says these unkind things, get a new voice.

Honor your mental health and seek out a good therapist with the same vigor you’d search for a romantic partner.

Love yourself, no matter how weird and silly it might feel. Look deeply into your eyes into a mirror and say out loud “I trust you”. That voice in your head might say you’re a dork. Ignore it.


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Friends Are The Big Loves Of Our Lives

Another unhelpful message we get from society is that we need a “love of our life”. Don’t overlook friendships as you look for that “great love”.

Be intentional about cultivating friendships that lift you up. Surround yourself with people who see your light and how amazing you are. Learn how to receive these reflections from your people. They are speaking the truth.

Be proud of how you live!


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